Why is Happiness Important?


These day’s I have a lot of happiness in my life.  I have two beautiful healthy children, a wonderful husband, and great family and friends.  Not saying that everyday, everything is perfect, but I am grateful that more often than not, I have a smile on my face, and positive feelings in my heart.

Our society puts so much emphasis on being happy.  It is the ultimate goal.  Something you should always be striving to achieve.  But have you ever taken the time to think about why it is so important?  What is it about being happy that makes it critical?

In The Sweet Spot, Christine Carter writes about why happiness is important.  I know that I keep writing about this book, but as I am reading it I keep thinking about how I want to share the learnings with all of you.

“When we are happy, we are more creative and motivated, more productive and skilled socially because blood flows freely to our prefrontal cortex, allowing us to make better decisions than we would if we relied on the more primitive, instinctive regions of our brain that are activated when we are under stress.  The prefrontal cortex is responsible for our executive function, and so we have more self-discipline and better self-control when we are happy than we do when we are stressed.  We are more able to learn difficult things quickly and better retain what we learn over the long haul.”

“…when we are happy – or experiencing even a mild positive emotion – we are far more attuned to context.  This broadened perception opens up our sweet spot; that place where we experience the least stress, the greatest intellectual power, and the most sophisticated social skills.”

In short, being happy helps us to be better at everything.

I think that understanding why happiness is important helps us focus on striving to achieve it.  If I know that I will be a better mother, wife, friend and employee if I am able to be happy more, and stressed less, than I can stay focused on the goal.


One comment

  1. I see such a huge difference in my life now that I am happy. My overall attitude is better and everything in my life seems to flow more smoothly.

    I never realized how unhappy I was until I got happy.



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