Today’s Balance Involves Lots of Coffee

FullSizeRenderSometimes we are thrown a curve ball that derails our best intentions at having a balanced life.  For me this week my 16 week old daughter has been taking almost everything I have to give.  At the end of the day I am just too tired to do all the other things I am supposed to.  She is going through a growth spurt that has her up throughout the night and eating all day long.  This is both physically and emotionally exhausting for me.  Anyone who is a Mom knows this feeling all too well.

But despite the challenges, I am doing the best that I possibly can with the help of lots of coffee.  We didn’t have groceries for a few days, but we still managed to find something to eat.  I have been showering around 4pm everyday, but at least I AM showering at some point.  And finally, because I am so tired, I have been snuggling in bed with my kids just a little longer than I usually do which has actually been really nice.

So pardon my lack of posting lately.  I promise once I get a little sleep in me and my brain starts functioning again, I will be back.

Until then, more coffee please.


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