My Head is in the Clouds

I can’t remember the last time I slept through the night.  Was it weeks or months ago?  I use to have a baby who slept ‘like a baby’ and life was so easy.  Then the growth spurt happened and then the fall cold and now my little pumpkin is waking everyone up every hour or two throughout the night.  Life is a little tiring right now.  Even my two-year old keeps saying ‘Mommy I tired’.

When I am this exhausted it is difficult to concentrate on anything, remember anything or use my brain for much more than diaper changes and making sure my family gets fed.  This is why my blog has been pretty quiet for the last week or two.

Last night, or should I say very early this morning, while I was feeding my daughter half asleep, I started thinking of the impact of prolonged sleep deprivation.  Obviously it is affecting my energy levels and in turn my desire to accomplish anything.  But what are the other effects it is having on me?  Turns out our over all health is directly related to how much sleep we get.

The 10 Effects of Sleep Deprivation:

  1. It causes accidents
  2. It makes you dumber
  3. It increases your chances of having a heart attack, stroke or diabetes
  4. It kills your sex drive
  5. It contributes to depression
  6. It ages your skin
  7. It makes you forgetful
  8. It makes you fatter
  9. It increases your risk of death
  10. It impairs your judgement

This list is pretty scary, but what can I do to get more sleep?

First step for me is to go to bed earlier.  It really is the only thing I can control.  So no TV tonight.  Instead I am climbing into bed at 9:30.  This way, when I inevitably wake up to feed my baby in the middle of the night I have a least a few hours of sleep in me already.

Hopefully we will all get back to sleeping soon.

What can you do to get more sleep and be less exhausted?

For more information on the 10 Effects of Sleep deprivation visit:


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