Taking Time to Pamper Ourselves

Yesterday I had the opportunity to head out of the house in the evening, by myself to get a facial at a local spa called JaJa (www.jajaspa.com).  For those of you who don’t have kids you may not know that getting out of the house in the evening by yourself is RARE!  In order to have this mini break, I had to cook dinner in the early afternoon and have it ready before I left.  This way the Hub’s could manage the fort while I was away.  Anyway, I did it and was only 15 minutes late for my appointment, YAY!

It wasn’t until I laid down on the table and closed my eyes that I realized how much I needed the break away.  My baby girl has been waking every two hours and its difficult to sleep during the day with so much to do around the house.  I am very tired and taking time for myself (even if only for 1 hour) was EXACTLY what I needed.

While my facial experience was wonderful, it is not something that I am going to be able to do very often.   In my current reality, washing my face is the closest I get to a spa treatment.

Why is it so difficult for us to recognize the signs that we need a break.  Why do we feel guilty taking time for ourselves?  Our minds and bodies need nuturing and every once in a while we must stop and put ourselves first.

If you are not able to get out to the spa, you can still have some ‘me time’ at home.  First start by putting down your phone or computer (after you read this article of course).  If you have kids, either wait until they are sleeping or ask family/friends to watch them for an hour.  Pour yourself a bath/glass of wine/hot tea and try out some of the at home spa treatments recommended here.

I promise you will never regret taking time to pamper yourself and the people in your life will benefit from a more relaxed happy version of you.


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