Post Halloween Detox?

First I will start with a confession.  At 8:30 on Halloween night, when my kids were asleep and the traffic at the door had slowed, I quickly and quietly took down all our Halloween decorations, blew out the pumpkin and put everything into storage.  All our candy had been handed out already so I took my son’s bag of treats and hid it in a cupboard that he can’t reach and where I rarely go.  Halloween at my house is OVER.

It’s not that I am anti-Halloween, it’s just that leading up to this holiday it seems that we give ourselves permission to snack and indulge more frequently than normal, and by the time we get to the big day, we have already had more than enough sweets.  I love candy, chocolate, chips, cakes, and cookies, and in the past week I have had more than enough.  So now that Halloween is over and my 2-year-old has already forgotten about the bag of candy in the cupboard, we are starting the month of November with healthy eating as a priority.

Recently we purchased a 2 in 1 food processor/blender and I have been busy over the past few days creating smoothies, juices, and energy balls for us to snack on when we need something sweet.  If you don’t have one of these yet, I highly recommend it (Christmas present to yourself?).  The energy balls take about 5 minutes to make and last for days in the fridge.  The smoothies/juices in the morning have helped us get our daily dose of fruits and veggies, which is especially difficult for the 2-year-old.

Have you ever tried a detox or a juice cleanse?  This can be a great way to cleanse your system and get rid of your cravings for sweets and carbs.  In the past I have followed the Dukan Diet and I have found that it helps me adjust my food consumption to fit my needs and not my ‘cravings’.  Currently I am nursing so I can’t do anything drastic with my food intake, but if I weren’t I would try out both methods above.  Instead, I am going to focus on eating 3 healthy meals a day at home, limit my snacking to things that are nutritious and follow these 5 tips from

  1. Drink More Water (start with warm lemon water in the morning)
  2. Reduce or Eliminate Sugar/Refined Carbs (hide that candy in your freezer so it’s too frozen to eat when you have a craving)
  3. Get More Sleep (put down your phone/computer and go to bed)
  4. Eat nourishing Foods (see this post about food planning and this post about naturally detoxifying foods)
  5. Get Moving (I recommend the BBG workout plan – only 28 minutes per day)

If you’d like to try out a detox I’ve listed a few below.

Dr. Oz Cleanse

Health Magazine

Chatelaine Magazine

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Good Luck!!


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